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This app is amazing I enjoy it so much but there is one issue that holds back three stars over priced choices adds are enough for your money source remove diamonds all together or make a new system

Diamonds make no sense. I suggest this system; 2 for finding a clue. 1 for becoming friends. 3 for becoming romantic partners. 3 for doing a chapter. And for the love of god. LOWER DAMN PRICES. 30 DIAMONDS FOR A SHAG? I THINK NOT.

Its a shame I cannot give this game 5 stars as it is fun and entertaining. However, your Diamond Choice system is actual foolishness and for this reason I can only award two stars. Lower the amount of diamonds needed for your choices, raise the amount of diamonds given. Introduce an add system or when you change a relationship ANYFUCKINGTHING but please you are putting grown adults out of pocket.

I'm from Malaysia, do you really think we would pay RM 400 for 1500 diamonds? The cheapest one is RM 7.99 for only 20 diamonds, very unreasonable!! Some choices cost 30 diamonds! I don't mind spending real money on games but your prices are so unreasonable!!!

Great stories, really. Should think about partnering with the writers from "Choice of Games" if you aren't already. But I agree with most comments here.. the gems/options are TOO EXPENSIVE! It doesn't change the story, much, I know. But it's annoying. Maybe start a membership or something that allows the gem choices to be free for members? Like idk $50/year $12/m. I have no clue, you guys are the creators. Consider it, though.

This game is really fun, bit gets expensive fast. The options are narrowed down to two choices: Further unlock the story (3$) Choose the reply that disappoints the NPCs in the story with you. Thanks for that...after the 5th storyline I missed out on I called it quits. Am uninstalling.

This app is amazing. It has so much freaking potential. However I have to admit, diamonds are ridiculous. Like I get you need money, but why not put an option that allows you to watch an add for like 5 to 10 diamonds. And maybe make options cost 5-10 diamonds.

I agree with this or at least giving us 3 to 5 diamonds daily

You have to pay $2 per choice. To change your outfit, to make any decent choices. That is insane. The game is ruined by the tyranny of the diamonds. Get it together.

I loved this game at first but its the most expensive game ive seen. Most of the good choices are 20 or 30 diamonds. That wouldnt be so bad if maybe we could earn some by watching adds or in the game as rewards as well like other phone games but nope. It sucks because it totally ruins a possibly good game. I gotta delete it now after already spending money because there is no end in sight. Please fix it!

this app is seriously so expensive...! like every good answer or pretty clothing item costs 15-30 diamonds it's insane!! and the one diamond per finished chapter is crazy low and can never weigh up to how many diamonds you've got to pay per answer. the concept of the game is really fun but its too expensive. you can't make much progress in the game unless you pay top dollar which only shows how app makers and company owners all turned into a bunch of money grabbing pricks.

This game diamond and gems thing is ridiculous! The only way you get to choose the better choice is if you pay with diamonds and the only way to earn diamonds is to pay, other than 1 gem each chapter. It's honestly so ridiculous! These creators are so money hungry! There are other ways to get money from us other than finessing your fans, you could put up ads for us to watch for diamonds or make us pay diamonds for extra stories. PLEASE fix this ridiculous problem it's honestly ruining the game.

I really love this game, but I do think it would be fair to get more than one key every two hours you wait, such as the game episodes. I also think that there are way too many choices to make that cost way too many diamonds. What if the choices cost the exact amount of diamonds the player has? Or something along those lines. Just a thought


Good game to pass the time

Love, love, love it

I love the story lines they keep you going and going... you pretty much get sucked in and grow a connection with your character.

Stop playing me

It's too expensive to just play the game. Your focus should be on putting out great content , not simply to make money. If you included more diamonds on each purchase then it wouldn't be so bad , also lower the amount of diamonds needed for the choices. Buying more diamonds should make for a better gaming experience but not buying shouldn't make for a terrible one. If I don't buy you have your characters talk down on my outfit or my choices, not cool.

Can’t get raped

This game blows

It's pretty good

Just need more keys, quicker. 😁

Fun but pricy for best story

Great story lines but you have to pay diamonds for any slightly better choice which stinks because you only get one diamond at the end of a chapter. And price to pay for diamonds are steep. I wish there was a way to earn diamonds faster. Like watching an ad or something.

Great game, hate the diamonds

Love to play, but wish there was a way to watch adds and get free diamonds or keys! Keep people hooked on the game and stop pissing them off when they can’t make important decisions or continue chapters! I wouldn’t mind watching free adds if we could get 5-10 diamonds per.

Great game but diamonds are too much

The game is really great. All of the stories I have read are really interesting and they really do let you to make the choices and decisions that affect your character and the storyline. I would have given this app Five Stars but the diamonds really do take away from the enjoyment of the stories. In every chapter you always have at least one or more choice that costs diamonds for a decision that is crucial to the story and your character but it's super expensive to do so. You only earn one diamond per completed episode but to make the choice it would cost 20-30 diamonds. You can purchase diamonds but they are EXPENSIVE. You go through diamonds so quickly because of how often they are needed in the game. I understand the app developers are needing to make a profit from the game but they could definitely be more reasonable with the diamond costs and uses.




great game


Great game


Everything was going fine and all but there are no weekly updates. Hero hasn't updated in two weeks also please add more fantasy books


The game is called choices but you have to pay for almost ALL the choices!! Ripoff, I'll stick to episodes

I'm a hoe

Being s how is fun

Choices Roslyn

Very good so far.

Fun only if you spend a small fortune

First of all I do like most of the books there fun but you can't do almost anything fun without spending like 6 dollars a chapter. One chapter I couldn't go swimming because I didn't want to buy a swim suit so everyone else went buy me. Another I had to ice skate in a tank top because I didn't want to buy an outfit. Then you get those pesky rude comments. Better off playing sims in my opinion

Need to purchase diamonds

There's no way to earn enough diamonds to make more than one decision per book. It should be that you can watch videos to earn diamond or trade a key for 20 diamonds or something other than spending cash on them.

Good, but.

This game is really fun but to do anything fun or interesting, you have to pay money. It's super annoying! We need to either get rid of the diamond feature or make it easier to get them. Even making the app a paid app would be better than diamonds. I would pay for the app! It's a lot of fun.

Everything Always Ends Badly

I've played to stories all the way through and both ended badly! I'm done, no more stories for me; you need to give people a happy ending!!

This is an amazing app!

I love the choices you make and how much crazy stuff your character gets into!

Best game

Love this game it's really fun

It's ok

It's a fun fame but the diamonds kill the game honestly 😐

Great story line, but...

I really enjoy this game because of the story line, however the need for diamonds in order to chose your path undermines the whole point of the game. If you don't have diamonds you can't chose the path you want. It would be nice if the important choices did not cost diamonds. I do understand that the developers need to make money and I think that there could be a more logical way for that by leaving the story line paths free and having additional features that cost diamonds that have a bonus effect. For example... you go on a date a premium choice could be a high end restaurant that would improve a relationship status more vs a low end restaurant that still improves the relationship just on a much smaller level. Either way you can still go on the date. The way the game is now, that choice would be go on the date which costs a large amount of diamonds or damage the relationship if you don't have diamonds and can't afford to spend "real" money to buy them. Another way to make money is add more in depth character customization options, minor choices to enhance the users experience or extended chapters for a premium. Just my thoughts...

Stupid diamonds and keys...

You get 1 key every 2 1/2 hours and he max you can earn is 2 at one time. The diamonds ruin the storyline because all the good "choices" cost a ton of diamonds and you earn 1 diamond after completing a single chapter.

Good game but getting too greedy

They have great writers. The stories hook you in and are entertaining so why only 3 stars? Because they are beginning to price themselves out. Every weighted decision requires diamonds and diamonds require real cash. Without the purchase of diamonds the story goes from being great to okay in some instances and a let down in others. I get they need to make money but a purchase of twenty dollars doesn't last a book since each chapter has at leas two optional diamond purchases and they are all at least 17 diamonds or more. I'm sorry but I hardly spend $20 on a real book. If you want to charge people charge them up front. If the game is free make it free. They are getting too expensive for me.

Waste of money

I spent $25 on this app because I got super invested in the story. There need to not be only 2 keys at a time and the time to get a new key should be reduced. No one wants to wait 2 hrs to get 1 key to unlock the next chapter. Make us watch ads or something!


I just started playing and so far I like the story line. It's so interesting. I think I'm addicted now


It's really fun,artistic.


This game made me ultra hard. Onyx has nothing on me 🅱️

Love it


I'll go with a real book.

I really enjoyed this game at first but once you get into it a bit, you better be willing to pay some real money or be okay with choosing all of the boring choices every time you get to interact. An actual book will be much cheaper and more interesting.

Slow chapters

I love reading these stories. They are fun and addictive. However you sometimes wait 1-2 weeks to get a new chapter. Second review. Still waiting on royal romance 2 to come out. Takes a long time to get other chapters.

Love it!!!

Love it so addictive

Got too frustrated

I started out really liking the game play and stories, but to make the decisions that you really want to make they want you to pay. They should structure it more freely to where it's not a disappointment to do the free play, and maybe if people want to pay to unlock a few premium things or a few exclusive episodes, specials, extra keys etc. You can't make enough diamonds just by completing chapters, and the characters are always disappointed if you don't choose the diamond option. The game definitely has potential and the story lines are pretty good, but if I do pay for anything in a game it might only be once or twice for something I really want, not around every corner to make decisions every episode.


Amazing game

I like it but...

Since last night all the app would want to do is crash to prohibit me from getting diamonds as I try to get a better choice to either impress, get alone time with another character, or even save a life. Not sure if it's a glitch for now or a bug but it dialed my enjoyment of the app down a lot.

buyables lol

i like to play this game however right away you notice the reason i only gave 2 stars many choices require diamonds (the ones that will so obviously make the game funner what a coincidence) same with the outfit thing "what will you wear to this party?" (dress up will likely open dialogue you wouldnt normally get) sad to see an app with so much potential be ruined by developers who are so obviously in it for the money and nothing else

Decent game.

Not bad.


You guys need to work on your brown skin characters you make it's like you make them look more Manley while the lighter ones get feminine features

I love this game, but...

I have a lot of issues. 1 key every 2 hours and it stops at 2 keys? 20 diamonds to buy a dress? I can't make big decisions and gain important items because hello. Too much money. I can't hear someone's vital backstory because it costs 25 diamonds? The writing is quite wonderful and I really do enjoy the stories... but it's all so incredibly expensive. Plus, you need more fiction stories. Really. It's semi-obvious that you intended to make this a money pit... but I'm not falling for it. Even if I do like the stories... I won't mind moving somewhere else. There needs to be ways to earn free diamonds and keys. And you need to lower the premium choices. Otherwise I can't say I'll be playing this game much longer.


Great game


Won't open on my iPhone 7

Great app!

I love it and I'm always playing it but I especially love the high school stories and want more of them

Don't Get Your Hopes Up

This game really isn't your choices, its your money if you want to select something you really wanna do , you have to buy it save your storage waste of an app


Just started but I'm loving the game


Fun, easy game that passes time and keeps you entertained.


This is the best game ever I can't believe they wouldn't make such a game it was so fun I can't wait to play and you want to believe just to touch the details to the game


Its suspenseful!!

Great Game,But a little to desperate for money

So first,why wait five hours for just one simple key sometimes? Second,i was playing the SUPERHERO GAME and STUPIDELY I NEEDED DIAMONDS FOR THE SUIT. WHAT THE HECK?! WHY DID YOU MAKE A SUPERHERO GAME IF YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THE SIMPLEST OF THINGS?! LIKE A SUPERHERO SUIT?! Also,why?! With the diamonds? You need to pay if you want more diamonds. Like literally,almodt in every choice that deepens the story,OOOPPSSS sorry,you need to pay. Because we only gave you 25 diamonds. This game is almost impossible to play without wasting money. I am fuming mad.


It's trash

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