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The game is very good but the prices is ridiculous .. so you could never fully enjoy the game unless you fork out alot of money . Just have in mind the currency is quite different in many countries .. So please take in consideration an advertisement system or maybe increasing the coins after.playing a game.

I have the deleted the app from my phone your prices are ridiculous. Each choice is between 20-30 diamonds. Outfits are 20-30 diamonds for $1.99 you get 20 diamonds. Literally each choice cost between $1.99-$5.99With your greed youve lost massive amounts of players & to receive 1 diamond for finishing each book is ridiculous You’re going out of business.Look at the bigger picture. Hope you truly consider this. I’m obviously not the only 1

I love the game ,,but iam on the books high school story 2 and sophomore book 1 but waiting for the next chapter does my head in can you guys hurry up and release them all plz and thank you

Just defeated the app. I love the game but you can't even play it w out shoving over a ridiculous amount of money.

I just hate the new James, and I'm so mad about this change because I invested so much in this characTer and now I feel it was all for nothing!!! I'm expecting you to change it back!!

The game is fun and entertaining, however the choices cost way to many diamonds and it's unfortunate you on receive on diamond after you complete each chapter which makes no sense. And the fact it take literally 2 hours to receive one key is a bit far fetched. The game needs to be reviewed it causes you to lose interest in the game. it Ridiculous

The choices you make don't seem to change your path and outcome much. And some choices that you would expect to have an effect, e.g. on a character relationship, have no effect at all. It also costs a ridiculous amount of money to make the premium choices in a story. They should be just two or three diamonds a time not 20 or 30. The admin team seriously need to reconsider this as they're losing fans. Just look at the other comments.

I hate this game because of the diamond, it destroy all the fun.

This app is amazing I enjoy it so much but there is one issue that holds back three stars over priced choices adds are enough for your money source remove diamonds all together or make a new system

Diamonds make no sense. I suggest this system; 2 for finding a clue. 1 for becoming friends. 3 for becoming romantic partners. 3 for doing a chapter. And for the love of god. LOWER DAMN PRICES. 30 DIAMONDS FOR A SHAG? I THINK NOT.

Its a shame I cannot give this game 5 stars as it is fun and entertaining. However, your Diamond Choice system is actual foolishness and for this reason I can only award two stars. Lower the amount of diamonds needed for your choices, raise the amount of diamonds given. Introduce an add system or when you change a relationship ANYFUCKINGTHING but please you are putting grown adults out of pocket.

I'm from Malaysia, do you really think we would pay RM 400 for 1500 diamonds? The cheapest one is RM 7.99 for only 20 diamonds, very unreasonable!! Some choices cost 30 diamonds! I don't mind spending real money on games but your prices are so unreasonable!!!

Great stories, really. Should think about partnering with the writers from "Choice of Games" if you aren't already. But I agree with most comments here.. the gems/options are TOO EXPENSIVE! It doesn't change the story, much, I know. But it's annoying. Maybe start a membership or something that allows the gem choices to be free for members? Like idk $50/year $12/m. I have no clue, you guys are the creators. Consider it, though.

This game is really fun, bit gets expensive fast. The options are narrowed down to two choices: Further unlock the story (3$) Choose the reply that disappoints the NPCs in the story with you. Thanks for that...after the 5th storyline I missed out on I called it quits. Am uninstalling.

This app is amazing. It has so much freaking potential. However I have to admit, diamonds are ridiculous. Like I get you need money, but why not put an option that allows you to watch an add for like 5 to 10 diamonds. And maybe make options cost 5-10 diamonds.

I agree with this or at least giving us 3 to 5 diamonds daily

You have to pay $2 per choice. To change your outfit, to make any decent choices. That is insane. The game is ruined by the tyranny of the diamonds. Get it together.

I loved this game at first but its the most expensive game ive seen. Most of the good choices are 20 or 30 diamonds. That wouldnt be so bad if maybe we could earn some by watching adds or in the game as rewards as well like other phone games but nope. It sucks because it totally ruins a possibly good game. I gotta delete it now after already spending money because there is no end in sight. Please fix it!

this app is seriously so expensive...! like every good answer or pretty clothing item costs 15-30 diamonds it's insane!! and the one diamond per finished chapter is crazy low and can never weigh up to how many diamonds you've got to pay per answer. the concept of the game is really fun but its too expensive. you can't make much progress in the game unless you pay top dollar which only shows how app makers and company owners all turned into a bunch of money grabbing pricks.

This game diamond and gems thing is ridiculous! The only way you get to choose the better choice is if you pay with diamonds and the only way to earn diamonds is to pay, other than 1 gem each chapter. It's honestly so ridiculous! These creators are so money hungry! There are other ways to get money from us other than finessing your fans, you could put up ads for us to watch for diamonds or make us pay diamonds for extra stories. PLEASE fix this ridiculous problem it's honestly ruining the game.

I really love this game, but I do think it would be fair to get more than one key every two hours you wait, such as the game episodes. I also think that there are way too many choices to make that cost way too many diamonds. What if the choices cost the exact amount of diamonds the player has? Or something along those lines. Just a thought


Love! But things really should cost less in the game! The outfits and extra adventures we do much fun but a dollar each time is a bit much!


I love this app but it NEVER saves my progress? I've had to play 2 book twice just to get back to where I was just for it to kick me back to the first book .. someone please help.

Diamonds cost too much

I get you need to make money but getting the diamonds is a bit ridiculous. Maybe sell ad space and have people watch videos to earn diamonds? I just don't see how the app will survive on such prices, even if the stories are good

I love the stories, but....

The stories in this app are incredible. But what I really have a problem with is the gem collecting. I bairley even have any and didn't spend anything either. The game just asks you for too much gems for an certain item, which I really don't like.

Please fix this system

Great stories. Crashes every time I open a story now. Please fix.

Precious loved




Pretty annoying

I love the game and I love the story, I don’t love that it’s so expensive to keep your game going. Reading one little short chapter then having to wait an hour just doesn’t do it for me. At that point in the hour I’ll forget I’m even playing and guaranteed at some point I’ll just stop play completely. It’s also pretty dumb that to make some of the pretty important choices you have to have tons of diamonds, but then you guys don’t reward hardly any? Again want us to buy. Some people are just trying to enjoy a cute story and a fun little game. But nothing is free in the world anymore and it’s just very heat grinding.

Patiently waiting

Waiting for the sophomore book 2!!!!!

Great game

Love this it has great stories and so many different choices and great characters amazing graphics LOVE LOVE LOVE💙

Love love love

So addicting

Love this game!

I love this game! The storytelling is amazing and engaging! I can't get enough of it! The characters are all so relatable and realistic and I LOVE how they actually develop as people as the stories progress. The choices give you so many different possibilities and options for more complex relationships between different characters which make it more realistic and so much more fun unlike some other games! The amaaazing art also makes the stories and setting more realistic and the quality of the entire game is top-notch. I also love the "mini games" in between the stories when you have to make timed decisions. Again, realistic, which is what makes it so great. My only concern are when you have to spend a ton of diamonds to make the choices you want, or miss out on a large portion of the story. Not a big fan of when I have to go playing other stories I don't like as much for weeks to get enough diamonds to spend on one decision. And we don't get more diamonds when we replay stories or get more diamonds at once when we complete a book. Please give us more chances for diamonds and I'll give a higher rating. I also wish I could have more keys when I wanna just binge-read these things. But other than that, please keep up the good work!


This is so romantic

I'm addicted!

This app is so good! It has me on the edge of my seat wanting to play more!

I like this but I’m hurt

On the story “The Sophomore”, they changed James. James is so good looking and they made him disgustingly ugly. Please change him back. Also, why is it that it costs like a thousand diamonds to have fun? That’s not cool.


I love this app!

Really fun but...

It’s really fun but I wish in the sophomore you could have a choice to be interested in zig’s roommate or like in The royal romance you could be with maxwell


Better than episode tbh


This game is good! But like all the good choices you want to make cost diamonds! Like 30 diamonds! And if you don’t have enough you have to choose the other choice. But then i get really disappointed because the choice that doesn’t cost diamonds leads to things you don’t want to happen. And you shouldn’t have to wait 2 HOURS for 1 key.☹️ that’s stupid. If you want us to wait 2 whole hours to get 1 key you should at least give us like 3or4 keys. But If you want us to get 1 key at a time, have us wait 5 MINUTES not 2 hours. If you only give us 1 key at a time, we won’t come back for 2 hours and if people don’t come back, no one plays the game. This is disappointing. Please fix your system!

Costs are frequent and too high

Be prepared to spend money if you want any good choices. This isn’t just a couple but almost all the choices

Fun game

And good stories, but to REALLY enjoy it, you need keys & Diamonds! even to choose a better outfit you need like 20/25 diamonds which is $2! Ridiculous. I understand the makers of the app want to make money, but that’s too much! I’ll end up deleting the app before finishing the story because waiting 2 hours for a key is dumb too! Make it where you earn more keys and diamonds to keep people around!

Could be better

The premise behind this is great, but it’s impossible to actually enjoy your story. All the “good” choices cost diamonds which you HAVE to buy bc it’s essentially impossible to earn them and then you still have to watch a bunch of ads without getting any additional diamonds. I wouldn’t mind putting some money into this but they could give a little too and make it easier to earn diamonds OR give us some of the “good” choices free.

Really good game

I really like the game. It's really cool. You should make spinoffs from LoveHacks, Book 2; Rules of Engagement, and The Crown & the Flame. It's a really fun game.

Love it! But..

I LOVE this app! The story’s are amazing, and fun to read. I love that they have story’s that guys can read, unlike episode where the stories are all for girls. The only thing that I don’t like about this app ( what I actually hate about it) is that you can only have two keys at a time. Keys let you unlock stories. But you only get a key every two hours. Other than that, I love it!

Would be better if you could watch videos for keys

It’s a really fun game but it’s very annoying having to wait two hours for keys, especially when the max keys you can have is two. Basically wait four hours to play for 15 Minutes before having to do it all over again. Otherwise story lines are good but just frustrating having to wait so long.


It's good

Love but....

I have been loving the app but there should be a way to earn diamonds without having to purchase them every time. I’m currently stuck because I cannot purchase diamonds and I’m wanting to choose the diamond option.

LOVE IT! But..

The thing is I really hate how some choices have to spend diamonds!!! 5 starts when you fix that or AT LEAST make it more reasonable


Lots of fun. I find myself playing it everyday

Save yourself the addiction and disappointment

This game is intriguing, fun and addictive but you'll either go broke or not be able to play anymore because of the ridiculous amount of diamonds you need. $1.99 is the least you can pay and all of that purchase is gone in one turn. There aren't even ads to watch to gradually build them up. Major let down.

My review

This game is fun but it is a copy of episode

Love but....

Hey guys I love this game but for some reason it keeps force closing on me.

Game to take your real cash

Pros: • Better Stories than Episodes Cons: • Relationships and choices are pretty vanilla unless you spend real money on gyms. There are constantly choices that could improve your relationships but you always need to have gems to do so. It’s ridiculous. I am not going to shill our $20 a week for this game. It’s not that great. • Limited character customization • Only TWO keys limit.

Needs a way to earn keys/diamonds

I’m not someone who spends real money on fake money in games. I understand the developers need to make cash but there should be an alternative way for players to make diamonds and have us watch ads or complete offers to earn them. That way they’re making money from advertisers and we’re not having to spend our real money on the game. It’s a win win. It’s frustrating having to wait an hour and a half in between really short chapters. Also, most choices cost around 20 diamonds which are 1.99 and there’s usually about 1-2 choices each chapter that cost diamonds. So if you’re actually spending real money on the game that’s 17 chapters long, that’s over $30 a book! It’s ridiculously expensive and a total rip-off. I would have given this 4 stars if there was an easier way to earn keys and stars and keep the story flowing. I’m frustrated and at the point where I just may delete this. PLEASE DEVELOPERS!

so fun

so fun


Love it


I have no words♥️♥️♥️

Not worth your time

i hate that you get very few diamonds and keys im deleting this app. Don't download not worth ur time. Until changes in the keys and diamonds systems are made i will continue to write bad reviews.

Best game

I love this game! Whenever there is a new chapter or book I get really excited! They are AMAZING stories. The art is so detailed and amazing! The book #love hacks was pretty funny I even laughed out loud a few times! Also whenever there is a new book out I get so excited I do a little happy dance! So much fun!😁😁😁😁😁

Love it

I am loving these games so much still has ways to go but my favorite so far is The Freshman series & also the beginning of The Sophomore with Endless Summer being my second favorite series I am really looking forward to Book 3

Great game, needs a few adjustments

I love this game! It’s absolutely amazing and the plot and characters are so well developed and I love all of the options. I think that there should be way more ways to earn diamonds, maybe a bonus with 10 diamonds or so when you complete a book. The diamond choices should definitely be more cheap. Other than that, it’s an amazing game. Keep up the good work Pixelberry!

The story lines are amazing BUT..

You guys want us to pay to play in order to read the whole story and choose the answers most appealing. While it's a clever strategy, I think you guys should offer a way for us to watch videos for gems. That would attract more people to this app. Also, it would be nice if everything didn't cost so many gems!! I do like that we're awarded 1 gem every time we finish a chapter and that we only have to wait 2 hours to get another key tho. (:


I like this game because it gives you options

I LOVE this game, but...

I absolutely love the stories and the suspense, but there needs to be a book buyout option. I’d rather pay $10 a book than pay $2 here or there for diamonds and keys. I’m impatient and I don’t have hundreds of dollars to get through a series of stories. One flat amount for a whole book or a whole series would make this game 10 stars out of 5.

Episode Rip-Off

I just got this game today, and it is literally the exact same as Episode. You pick a story, then you have to use a key *ticket in episode* to play the next part. There’s a lot of different genres in both games. I do like the game though, it is a little bit different. The graphics are different. The set up isn’t as good because the characters are just in a bubble while in episode they’re actually there, but over all it’s good. I’m only giving 5 stars because it’s still a good game, but it’s still a rip off of the original game.

Too expensive

I love the stories, but the diamonds are WAY too expensive, especially to only receive one at the end of a chapter.


So this game is fun to play and all - just hate that you have to wait so long for keys to load to avoid having to pay - it's lame. Why don't you just have people pay for the game itself for a few dollars and let them just play? The MOST frustrating thing about this game though, is that there isn't a same-sex option for stories you play. It's like it tries to MAKE you be interested or be "with" someone of the opposite sex, when you're lesbian, gay, bi, etc. They need to fix it so it adjusts to every lifestyle and preference.

Enjoyable BUT

I really enjoy playing this game but the diamond system is not equivalent to the amount of choices you have to make. Receiving one diamond after finishing a chapter does not allow you to make premium choices without having to spend your own money. Other than that, it offers interesting storylines.

Won’t be installing

Always link your account to something. If you don’t and your phone gets stolen your messed up.

Diamonds are killing this app

I love the storylines but am only rating you 2 stars and will be deleting this app because of the diamonds. You need to give people another option for ways to earn diamonds more frequently, other than buying them. This is a free app; people download it because it sounds interesting and is FREE. People don’t want to be REQUIRED to spend money on it in order to pick their choice of storyline they want to follow. You need to give people other options to earn diamonds besides completing a chapter. (This is too slow and you only earn 1 diamond- not enough to do anything with) Most other free apps give you the option to watch a trailer, or take a survey, or something else similar to earn the things you need, like diamonds, to fully enjoy their game, but you don’t. You could be a five star app, but until you fix the problem with the diamonds you are going to continue being sub-par and will continue having people delete your game. ☹️

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