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GREAT GAME, but I just can't afford the hefty price tag. Any good choice costs about $2, plus an outfit for each chapter at another $2 --- all the money I'm spending on this, I could go buy a real book and a real outfit. I love this app... but I'm out.

SO BADLY WISH I COULD "Be a trend setter" and GIVE THIS APP 5 STARS!! But lack of diamonds, keys and actual hard earned money is making me go with 1.

I would love to give this game more stars but I am in agreement with the many others here regarding the ridiculous price scheme. In order to even make s LOGICAL choice like wearing a winter coat in a snowstorm vs a hoodie, or to avoid wearing “country girl” clothes to a Hollywood party, you have to spend a crazy amount of diamonds, which pretty much cost at least $2-3 PER CHOICE.

Great game but way too expensive, ridiculously so. I will be deleting. It’s a shame but the prices have put me off. You can’t play how you want to play without spending a lot of money on nothing!

The game is very good but the prices is ridiculous .. so you could never fully enjoy the game unless you fork out alot of money . Just have in mind the currency is quite different in many countries .. So please take in consideration an advertisement system or maybe increasing the coins after.playing a game.

I have the deleted the app from my phone your prices are ridiculous. Each choice is between 20-30 diamonds. Outfits are 20-30 diamonds for $1.99 you get 20 diamonds. Literally each choice cost between $1.99-$5.99With your greed youve lost massive amounts of players & to receive 1 diamond for finishing each book is ridiculous You’re going out of business.Look at the bigger picture. Hope you truly consider this. I’m obviously not the only 1

I love the game ,,but iam on the books high school story 2 and sophomore book 1 but waiting for the next chapter does my head in can you guys hurry up and release them all plz and thank you

Just defeated the app. I love the game but you can't even play it w out shoving over a ridiculous amount of money.

I just hate the new James, and I'm so mad about this change because I invested so much in this characTer and now I feel it was all for nothing!!! I'm expecting you to change it back!!

The game is fun and entertaining, however the choices cost way to many diamonds and it's unfortunate you on receive on diamond after you complete each chapter which makes no sense. And the fact it take literally 2 hours to receive one key is a bit far fetched. The game needs to be reviewed it causes you to lose interest in the game. it Ridiculous

The choices you make don't seem to change your path and outcome much. And some choices that you would expect to have an effect, e.g. on a character relationship, have no effect at all. It also costs a ridiculous amount of money to make the premium choices in a story. They should be just two or three diamonds a time not 20 or 30. The admin team seriously need to reconsider this as they're losing fans. Just look at the other comments.

I hate this game because of the diamond, it destroy all the fun.

This app is amazing I enjoy it so much but there is one issue that holds back three stars over priced choices adds are enough for your money source remove diamonds all together or make a new system

Diamonds make no sense. I suggest this system; 2 for finding a clue. 1 for becoming friends. 3 for becoming romantic partners. 3 for doing a chapter. And for the love of god. LOWER DAMN PRICES. 30 DIAMONDS FOR A SHAG? I THINK NOT.

Its a shame I cannot give this game 5 stars as it is fun and entertaining. However, your Diamond Choice system is actual foolishness and for this reason I can only award two stars. Lower the amount of diamonds needed for your choices, raise the amount of diamonds given. Introduce an add system or when you change a relationship ANYFUCKINGTHING but please you are putting grown adults out of pocket.

I'm from Malaysia, do you really think we would pay RM 400 for 1500 diamonds? The cheapest one is RM 7.99 for only 20 diamonds, very unreasonable!! Some choices cost 30 diamonds! I don't mind spending real money on games but your prices are so unreasonable!!!

Great stories, really. Should think about partnering with the writers from "Choice of Games" if you aren't already. But I agree with most comments here.. the gems/options are TOO EXPENSIVE! It doesn't change the story, much, I know. But it's annoying. Maybe start a membership or something that allows the gem choices to be free for members? Like idk $50/year $12/m. I have no clue, you guys are the creators. Consider it, though.

This game is really fun, bit gets expensive fast. The options are narrowed down to two choices: Further unlock the story (3$) Choose the reply that disappoints the NPCs in the story with you. Thanks for that...after the 5th storyline I missed out on I called it quits. Am uninstalling.

This app is amazing. It has so much freaking potential. However I have to admit, diamonds are ridiculous. Like I get you need money, but why not put an option that allows you to watch an add for like 5 to 10 diamonds. And maybe make options cost 5-10 diamonds.

I agree with this or at least giving us 3 to 5 diamonds daily

You have to pay $2 per choice. To change your outfit, to make any decent choices. That is insane. The game is ruined by the tyranny of the diamonds. Get it together.

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